Symptoms of Nigeria’s Problems..

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  “Transforming Nigeria” is a series done by Femi Awodele. In this series, he discusses solutions to Nigeria’s problems.  On his first series, he talks about the difference between symptoms of Nigeria’s problems and Nigeria’s problems.
We know that pacifying symptoms of a problem doesn’t eliminate the problem until we eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Symptoms vs. Nigeria’s problem’s quiz: Remember to eradicate symptoms of our problems; we must eliminate the real problem.

1. Corruption-Symptom of Nigeria’s or Nigeria’s Problem?
2. Bad roads-Symptom or Problem?
3. Broken facilities-Symptom or Problem?
4.  Lack of courage leaders with vision and strategy development for our country-Symptom or Problem?
5. Our “Thinking” as Nigerians-Symptom or Problem?
6. Armed Robbery-Symptom or Problem?
7. Kidnapping-Symptom or Problem.

Answers by Femi Awodele:

Symptom of Nigerian’s Problems Nigeria’s Problems
  1. Bad roads
  1. Broken facilities
Lack of courageous leaders with vision and strategy development for our country

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13 Years of America:

13 years of America taught me-

Racism still exists in America and might be here for a long time.
DH2 2013Blacks and Africans are similar but with historical and cultural differences.
Some black Americans don’t like Africans
Some Americans have a vague of knowledge of Africans.
Africans have to face double racism from both blacks and whites.
Out of states fee is not a joke.
International students with no sponsors have it bad.
Some Black Americans still blame slavery for their problems.
Mental slavery is as dangerous as physical slavery.
Some Americans manipulate the system.
Americans have good hearts.
Americans work hard and play hard.
White Americans are very adventurous.
America cares about its citizens.
Some American students take scholarships and grants for granted.
Africans don’t like to tip.
Americans value community service.
US immigration don’t play.
Some Americans think Africans are eccentric.
Americans think any non-African accents are kool.
Your credit score is a big deal.
You don’t want to mess with American police, IRS or military.
Some White Americans think it sucks to be black.
White Americans stick together and help each other.
Hispanic and Latino Americans stick together and help each other.
Asian Americans stick together
Black Americans fight and kill each other
Some Africans come here and forget their identity.
American in the south weather gets super cold in the winter and crazy hot in the summer.
You have to work hard for your money. .
Americans doctors chop a lot of money.
Everybody is crazy about hot people in Hollywood.
A lot of females walk naked (under-dress) in the summer.

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The spirit has an inverse relationship with our flesh:

Recently, I have been stressed out about a lot of things. Instead of running to the source of all peace, I become this workaholic person who tries to make everything better. The new person I became has not really helped my relationship with God. The crazy thing is when my relationship with God goes downhill; it makes me more stressed out. To be honest, I think I am stressed out because I have been kicking my relationship with God to the curb. Let me say that our relationship with God is the most important relationship in life that if it is not right there; it wouldn’t be right elsewhere. I have been through a lot of storms in my life and I know that the only thing that kept me sane was my relationship with God.

When we spend time with God in his word, prayer with or without fasting, it helps us to grow our spiritually. Growing spiritually is very important because it energizes our spirit to overcome the flesh. Remember, our flesh is always fighting against the spirit. The flesh wants to win because it’s in our human nature for our flesh to win; however, the more we spend time with God we build up our spiritual man to defeat our flesh.

The opposite happened to me, I was busy worrying about the cares of life that I neglected energizing my spiritual man. In this period my flesh had an upper hand against my spirit. It is important that we spend time with him to defeat our flesh. We can’t defeat our flesh alone; we need God to defeat our flesh.

We definitely need to walk in the spirit so we do not fulfill the lust of the flesh (Galatians 5:16).

Help us Lord to continue to chase after you. Amen!!