Bring Back our Peace by Imo-owo Mbede

Originally posted on International Eagles of Nigeria:

10426320_10152094112466971_6141668786331308661_nDespite widespread condemnation, recurrent incidences of violence point to a persisting ‘culture’ of violence in the world at large – and Nigeria in particular, where violence has been unprecedentedly visible and audible. But where does so much violence stem from? The persistence of violence in Nigeria stems basically from an inherited lifestyle of violence, ignorance and neglect of conflict prevention, management and resolution techniques; t he direct result of the predisposition of people to – and propagation of – an innate culture of violence in society. In daily interactions with siblings, kin and peers, as well as in the media, people are exposed to various forms and degrees of violence and so it continues to be a norm. This prevalence points to a tragic future of violence and insecurity.

Why then do we labour round the clock to ensure that our children “become a success in future”, if this “future”…

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Are your decisions baby-friendly?

I am tired of seeing children born to parents who are not ready to be parents. Having a child is a very rewarding, exciting experience that some unprepared parents take for granted. Every child deserves parents who completely adore him or her. Honestly, I am tired of seeing kids suffer for other people’s mistakes. I am big on abstinence, but let’s be real; a lot of people are having unprotected sex outside of marriage. I can’t tell you what to do, but please think about your future children and choose wisely.

There are consequences of unprotected sex.. 1. STDs 2. Pregnancy and the list go on..

I care about you having STD, but pregnancy brings children into this world. Pregnancy is something everybody having unprotected sex should be planning for. If you are not planning for a children you should be wrapping things up seriously. Having children should not be a decision made in the heat of pleasure.

Are you financially, emotionally and mentally ready for a child? Our children deserve the best. We need to take this God-given gift seriously.

Getting pregnant and having a child is a big deal. At least one of you guys engaging in this unprotected act should be ready for child(ren) (abortion is just sick). If the guy is not ready for children, then maybe you shouldn’t be having unprotected anything with him. If you are not ready for children, you shouldn’t be having unprotected anything with anyone even if you are on birth controls. Your whole life changes when you bring a child into this world. We need to make better baby friendly decisions. I don’t have children yet, but the last thing I want to do is make decisions that will hurt my children’s future.

Stop thinking about yourself for once and think how your decisions will affect your future children.

Premier league season returns by Vincesanity

At 7:45 AM on August 16, 2014, the Barclays premier league takes full flight once again. First the new boys in town, Leicester city, Burnley and the return of Queens park rangers. Their focal point will be survival and avoiding the relegation zone by may 2015. This all lies with the tactics their managers approach the season.  Nigel Pearson, Sean Dyche and Harry Redknapp all have to decide between “parking the bus” and counter attacks their opponents versus “balls to the wall” all out attack but of upmost importance is the quality of the players and their willingness to battle of the shield on their chest and the community.

            The battle for champions league positions and league title goes six ways between Manchester city, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United.  Manchester city are the reigning champions but have done little to strengthen their squad but added competition to vital positions, which included a commanding central defensive midfielder (Fernando) to allow Yaya Toure more attacking freedom and Caballero to challenge Joe Hart, England’s number 1. The additions of Mangala and Bacary Sagna stiffens the defense and gives city another successful run at the league but the question still beckons, can they have any impact on the champion’s league this year?

            London big clubs, Arsenal and Chelsea both seek to claim their first important trophy in years. Both teams looked to bring in a prolific striker to help their offense, Chelsea have stolen keys parts of Atletico Madrid in Diego Costa, Courtuois and Felipe Luis. Diego costa is the clinical finisher that jose Mourinho needed to replace the shaken confidence of Fernando Torres and although Mourinho has self-proclaimed the team to be a force for the next decade, the team will have to shed its defensive mindset and adapt an expansive attack to gain world wide acclaim and dominance.

Arsenal lost a legend in Lord Nicholas Bendtner but brought in the Alexis Sanchez  to add speed which the team begged for and also defensive help in Debuchy and Chambers. Although these are good pick ups,  Arsenal is the EPL’S accident waiting to happen, they will dazzle, mesmerize but inevitably they may possibly win the FA cup, bounce out of the champions league in the quarterfinals, loss the league in the last April but keep 4th position in the table.

            Liverpool lost the goal scoring machine in Suarez and use the same tactics tottenham used during their lose of Gareth Bale, by buying a surplus of talents. Their season comes down to how sterling, coutinho and Sturidge retain their clinical finishing and counter attacking will emerging the new boys.

            This season is going to be one of the best in a decade, the stories will be timeless, the fans will experience joy, despair, the heartbreak but also victory and the champion’s roar.

Tips for the best first date ever by Stephanie Adeyemi

You have finally managed to find a man that seems to be worth dating. He is nice, polite, good looking and you are wondering if he has all it takes to be your partner for life. Maybe he is the man you have been dreaming of and maybe he is the right one. Of course, he’s thinking the same about you, so you need to make a great impression and make him stay forever. First dates can be scary, but I’m here to help: here are a few tips on how to enjoy your first date with a great man.

What to wear

First thing first: prepare yourself for this date at home and choose carefully what you are going to wear. The first impression is always important and what you wear can reveal a lot about yourself and your personality. Dress smart, wear clothes that are age-appropriate, but also comfortable. You can as well ask a dear friend for help. Also, it’s always nice to wear something unique, it can be a watch or a bracelet or other accessories. You can also make some shopping and buy something special for this occasion. There are interesting and often unique accessories to be found on websites with free ads online.

Be respectful

ID-10070328_ by jannoon028If you want to impress the guy, show some respect. Don’t let him wait too long for you and show up on time: first dates are upsetting for everyone, so save him some extra stress and don’t make him wonder if you’re coming or not. Don’t forget to turn off your phone or, at least, don’t check your Facebook or Twitter account every two minutes when you’re with him. He’ll think you’re not interested!

Drink responsibly

While it is nice to have a few drinks when you are out with friends, it is better to avoid getting drunk on a first date. You want to get to know the guy better and you’d better do it while you’re still sober! You need to understand if you like him or not and if you want to a second date or stay away from him.

Choose your words

You might not know this, but the words you use might show interest or lack of passion while you are out with your date. Words like “you know” or “I mean” are called self-markers and draw the attention on you and what you are saying. If he interrupts you, don’t be offended, it’s a good sign! It means he’s really listening and that there’s chemistry between the two of you.

Talk and listen

First dates involve two persons, so be sure to spend equal amounts of time listening and talking to your partner. Don’t spend too much time talking about yourself or he’ll think you are too self-centred and not able to take care of someone else. If you’re shy, prepare yourself and look for conversation starters, so you won’t run out of things to say…

And then, just take a breath, relax and enjoy your night out! Is he your Prince Charming?

My African Childhood Memories..

We rolled old tires everywhere!!! African kids know how to create their own fun.

We played in the rain. The way Americans in the South play in the snow when it snows..

When it rains we will go outside and play in the rain. The way Americans in the South play in the snow when it snows..

ahh.. Fun Memories!!  "If you were born in January stand up"..(singing).

ahh.. Fun Memories!!
“If you were born in January stand up”..(singing).

My brother and me took turns to hold drive each other on our wheelbarrow.

My brother and me took turns to drive each other on our wheelbarrow.

We never complained about anything. We were thankful for everything.
We need to stop complaining and be more thankful.

Your Natural beauty is Beautiful..

Natural HairGoing from Relaxed to Natural hair means a huge change in appearance. Some people couldn’t even recognize me. Some oyiyo people stared at me like they just saw a ghost or something. Life as a natural is not easy for a lady with coarse, kinky and straight-up from the motherland kind of hair. The most amazing thing about this journey is you really find out who really likes you for you. My relaxed/transitioning hair styles were a pseudo version of me.

This is “me” now.. If you can’t accept me with my natural hair, then you are not supposed to be in my life.
My physical beauty with my natural hair is who I am. God blessed me with curly, coarse and thick hair.


My Transitioning Hair

Ladies, we are beautiful the way God made us. You are beautiful with your kinky, curly, coarse hair.
We were raised to hate the natural way God made us, but God doesn’t make mistakes.
I miss my transitioning hair, but I love my natural beauty.

This natural hair journey will pressure you to work on your self-esteem. Starting this journey I noticed I didn’t get that much stares from guys. I found myself questioning if I made the right decision. This was an opportunity to tell myself that I am beautiful without getting validation from guys. It was my best way to build on my self-esteem because it allowed me to have more confidence in my inner beauty than my physical beauty.

Work on yourself, love yourself and move forward. We are beautiful!!!

For my Nigerian Sisters,

SINGLE BUT NOT STUPID 379 written by George Essien

Most African women marry for financial security and miss out on that beautiful feeling and joy called love. They live boring lives with a man they sincerely don’t connect with,enduring the marriage through the years.

Very few marry for love.And those who marry for love work out their financial security together and get it eventually,haven’t you noticed?Then they have the two – love and finance. Romance and finance.

My thoughts:

Forget that money thing..
Love is priceless o!
Your love is too expensive for money.

Please my Nigerian sisters,
you deserve to be happy.
I want you to be happy.
I am tired of seeing women maltreated in their marriages
Love, friendship, and commitment makes a difference.
Remember, you have to love him too.
If you don’t love him..don’t marry him because you will take his love for granted.