To my better half..

To the world, I may not be the most beautiful woman.
In your eyes, am the most beautiful woman in the world.
I don’t have to become anyone else,
You like me just the way I am.

Changing myself would be a crime to you.
I am perfect regardless of my flaws.
You appreciate everything about me.

I know your love for me is real cos:
You don’t compare me with others.
You like me for my flaws and appreciate
the good.
You fight for my heart.
Your words match your actions.

I know our love is for real
cos you’d not just go to the ends of
the world for me,
You’d will fight the world for me.

Our love is real cos it is centered
around our heavenly father,
on how to love him and live to bring him

You’re different,
You’re worth it.
Waiting for u might be pain,
it can’t be compared to a lifetime
with u, babe!
I will wait for u!

James 1:17
Till you come,
God first!

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