As am sitting here, my heart is in a state of steam.
Wondering and reflecting on all the beautiful things i dream.
If i ever need people, baby it is with you that i want to build my team.
Because if i got you, then it does not matter if the world is so mean.

I have never met you, but our souls have met before.
Long before our path ever cross, our story was written in gold.
Eventhough somethings bite now, i know with you it would all be right.
Because when the rain come to the ground, the fruit can only grow and bear fruit.

I can’t wait for us to team up.
Dearest it is time to win.
Just as we are destined to.
It is only when we are one.
That the victory would be complete.

Dearest, there is no mystery.
We are making history.
The truth is so real.
The truth is so sweet.
The truth is what i want to say.
The truth is that i love you.

Written by: Mfon Ekene

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