To my heart Throb!

Hey babe,

It’s me again o!!
I know you are like “jeez, how many blog posts will she write to me?”
So I should be studying but am on wordpress blogging to u.
I can wait to meet you cos I still have to grow in my relationship with God.
Am there, but am not completely there.

I want you to Love God more than me,
I have to Love God more than you until I get there,
am not exactly ready for you.
I don’t want us to idolize each other that we forget about our true love <GOD>

Waiting for you is hard,
Learning to put God first now makes it, worth it!

BTW..I wrote to our kids in my previous blog..
Yea, I know.. how awkward and kool at the same time.

I hope you’ll write yours when we meet.
Am praying for you babe,
Am praying for our kids and future.

Till we meet my amazing God-fearing man,

2 thoughts on “To my heart Throb!

  1. I have never really taken a time to read through your blogs, but there are really inspiring, the come as a message right from the heart, every line is so deep, and it reflects the state of your mind, and the flow of your thoughts…..
    More Grace!!!!!!!!

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