How is Great is Our God Day 2

During my undergrad, I got an opportunity to see an health care professional work with a stroke patient. She educated me about what she was doing, I couldn’t stop to think that we are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made.

As you know stroke affects one side of your body. Basically, one side of your body becomes affected, you can’t do what you could before with that side of the body.

Stroke happens when there is less blood flow to your brain due to a narrowed artery or an artery that burst open. The right side of your brain control the left side of your body and the left side of your brain controls the right side. So the side of the brain that is affected will determine which side will lose function. For more info (

The healthcare professional was working with this patient on their affected side of the body to get it to function again. While she was working with this patient, she showed how the other side (unaffected) tried to compensate for the functioning lost in the affected side. As the patient was trying to do stuff with the affected side the unaffected side was also trying to do the same thing to help the affected side.

God knew that we would go through challenges that’s why he set up compensatory mechanisms to help us adapt.

How GREAT is our GOD!!

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