Dear President Mandela,

I rarely cry when iconic people die but for you sir, I felt a tear. I am humbled by how you fought for your people the same way Martin Luther King Jr. fought for his people. Your people are living better lives because you sacrificed your life for them. I salute you sir because a lot of people would have chicken out but you fought till the end. I join South Africans to celebrate your life and we will never forget your sacrifice. I watched Sarafina when I was younger, and I saw a tiny glimpse of how your people were maltreated in your own country. I saw how talented your people are and how this apartheid made them stronger. I am not South African but I think if I wasn’t born Nigerian, I would have been South African. I love your people, culture, talents, voices and anything else I am yet to discover about your country. Our world needs more selfless leaders like you!! We will always and forever remember you. You lived a wonderful life, Sir. I will never forget you. South Africans will never forget you. The world will never forget you. Your legacy lives on. Goodbye, Sir!!!



If you could write a letter to Mandela. What would you say? Please, write your letter to Mandela, tag this post at the end of your letter and encourage your readers to do the same.

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