How Great is our God Day 21

We need water…
1. To quench our thirst
2. Severe dehydration is life threatening..
3. Our body needs water
4. We need water to wash..
5. Our crops need water to grow
6. Our Cars need water
Can you imagine your life with no Water?
How Great is our God..
Next.. We will talking about the human anatomy..

How Great is our God Series..

For the rest of the days in 2013.
I will be focusing on God’s Greatness on this Blog.
My mind is so quick to think about the wickedness of the enemy that I forget about God’s greatness.

Colossians 2:10b-God is the head of all principality and powers.

Pls follow me as I educate myself on God’s Greatness.
In fact, the fact u r alive shows God’s Greatness!!!