Love Thy Neighbor

This is where I hate politics..
I have nothing against Republicans but it seems they make decisions only for their benefit.
The President has been advocating for an immigration reform but Republicans in Congress were dragging their feet for 4yrs until..
Mitt Romney lost..
Clearly, this sent a wake call to Republicans.
All of a sudden, Republicans now have an epiphany that they really need Hispanics votes.
To my surprise, Republicans even drafted their own bill in less than a month after the fiscal cliff.

To Republicans..
Most of you guys claim to be Christians..
Why do you oppose decisions that will benefit people?.
When did your political agendas become more important than people?
I mean, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that your incentive to draft this bill was so you can win Hispanics votes in your next elections.
You quickly act in order to protect your political endeavors..
Why do you Republicans like to sell fish?
Obviously, your political endeavors is more important than helping people?

I get so disappointed with Republicans because most of you are Christians.
What does the good book say?
Love your neighbor as yourself.
I mean, what would Jesus do?
If Mitt Romney won the Presidential elections,
you best believe no Republican in Congress would have drafted any immigration bill..

I have seen this trend among Republicans for several years..
Sometimes, I just wish you’d stop thinking about yourselves for once.